Emergency Room Doctor And Hospital Failed to Timely Diagnose Stroke Causing Permanent Injury


This medical malpractice action involved allegations made by a young mother of medical malpractice against an emergency room doctor and hospital who misdiagnosed her stroke as anxiety causing a delay in the proper diagnosis and treatment.

The young mother presented to the east coast of Florida hospital emergency room with unilateral weakness, difficulty walking and altered speech – all classic signs of a stroke.  The patient argued that the emergency room physician and nurse failed to do a thorough stroke assessment and instead gave her an anxiety medication and discharged her home.  After returning home the young-mother’s stroke symptoms worsened and she returned to the same hospital and was finally admitted for evaluation.

After it was too late for the patient to receive medications to treat her stroke, she was finally diagnosed with a stroke and managed for days at the hospital.  The delay by the hospital and doctor in diagnosing the young-mother’s stroke led to serious and permanent neurologic deficits which could have been prevented or reduced if a timely stroke diagnosis was made.

The defendants argued that the incorrect anxiety diagnosis was reasonable.  Ultimately the hospital settled, and litigation commenced against the physician whose insuring entity eventually settled the matter for a confidential but substantial sum.

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