Woman Seeks Compensation for Husband’s Death in Florida Malpractice Claim

Compensation For Husband’s Death In Florida

Instances of malpractice by medical professionals can lead to serious or even fatal injuries due to the delicate nature of many procedures and operations. Often, these errors are due to a doctor’s negligence or inadequate care. Medical professionals are expected to provide the best care possible to their patients, but mistakes or clear neglect still happen due to time constraints, costs, or rushed practices.

A recent case that Emerson Straw took on in Clearwater, Florida is a tragic example of this type of maltreatment. Walter J. Empey, Jr. was brought to the emergency room at Morton Plant Hospital on July 2, 2017 experiencing numerous chest conditions, including chest pain and respiratory distress for hours on end.

Despite informing the hospital of his heart complications and family’s medical history, the hospital neglected to investigate his condition and instead released him from their care. According to the decedent’s widow, Deborah S. Empey, this ultimately resulted in his death.

With assistance from the Emerson Straw legal team, Deborah Empey is now seeking compensation for this malpractice and medical negligence in the form of $15,000 in damages, as well as associated costs and interests. Our claim rests on the basis that In Compass Health Inc. and Dr. Jordan Messler neglected their duty despite clear signs of her husband’s rapidly declining—and eminently apparent—condition.

Cases like this are potent reminders of the dangers of careless mistakes in medical settings, as well as the potential importance of holding negligent parties liable for the damages they cause. If you experienced injuries or losses due to a doctor or other healthcare provider’s actions, contact Emerson Straw to see if you may be eligible to file a case for civil compensation.