Will My Car Accident Claim Likely Be Settled?

t-bone collision

If you were hurt in a wreck through no fault of your own and you’re planning on filing a claim, it’s only natural to hope for a speedy settlement. The associated expenses are probably adding up fast, after all, and securing a prompt payout may be the only way to protect your financial security.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee any given claim will yield a settlement, nor that it will happen in record time. Tort proceedings are inherently unpredictable, and their trajectory ultimately depends on too many elements that are out of the claimant’s control.

You can certainly discuss the situation with a seasoned personal injury attorney, however, to gain some insight on what to expect along the way. After evaluating the facts of the case, a knowledgeable lawyer should also be able to share the likeliest outcome. While they won’t make any guarantees, they will let you know whether settling is probable or that going to court is a real possibility.

Let’s take a look at the kinds of factors your legal team will consider to make their assessment:

1. The Strength of the Evidence

Generally speaking, the more compelling the evidence is, the more inclined the insurance adjuster will be to negotiate. This is because they know the proof will hold up in court, so if they don’t settle, they’ll likely be ordered by a judge to compensate the victim anyway. At least by negotiating, they maintain some control over the outcome of the proceedings.

2. The Severity of the Damages

Carriers have to be careful about handing out six- and seven-figure settlements. After all, they’re ultimately running a business, and they need to be conscious of their bottom line.

For this reason, car accident victims who sustained catastrophic injuries tend to have a harder time securing the compensation they deserve. They should be prepared for the insurance adjuster to put up a fight, and they should be ready to proceed with a formal lawsuit if that ends up being the case.

3. The Complexity of the Claim

Claims involving several liable parties or other complexities tend to be harder to settle because there are more moving parts. Arriving at an agreement is challenging enough when there are only two parties involved in the negotiations.

If your case is especially complex, compromising with all the insurance adjusters may prove impossible. As long as your legal team is confident in the case they put together, though, you should be able to proceed to court, so you can still seek the compensation you deserve.

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