Why You Should Visit a Doctor Even If Your Car Accident Injuries Are Minor


It’s not uncommon to walk away from the scene of a crash. Just because you don’t require emergency care, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek medical attention.

While there’s understandably a lot to do in the wake of a wreck, your health should be your priority. Even if you think you sustained only minor bruises and lacerations, here are some of the biggest reasons to visit a doctor as soon as possible:

1. You Could Exacerbate the Injuries You Did Get

Even when they’re not life-threatening, impact injuries can result in complications if left untreated. What’s more, organ damage doesn’t always present immediate symptoms, so you can’t actually be certain that bruises and lacerations are all you sustained.

By seeking medical care right away, you can ensure the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of all your injuries, including those that might not have become apparent until they worsened to the point that they posed a serious risk to your health.

2. You Must Demonstrate a Link Between the Incident & Your Condition

In order to recover a personal injury payout, you must prove several elements, one of which is causation. If you were to wait days or even weeks to visit a doctor, the opposing party would certainly have grounds to challenge your assertion that the incident was directly responsible for the injuries you sustained.

Should you seek care right away, on the other hand, there will be a legitimate paper trail linking the accident in question to your condition.

3. You Will Have to Supplement Your Damages Claim with Medical Records

Another critical element of every successful car accident claim is damages. The insurance adjuster needs to see that the funds you’re seeking will go toward legitimate losses you incurred as a result of the incident.

Naturally, your medical records will prove invaluable when demonstrating damages. As long as you started treatment right away, they will paint a clear picture of everything you’ve undergone from day one. This includes diagnostics, surgeries, treatments, medications, and ongoing rehabilitation appointments.

4. You Will Bolster Your Credibility

If you claim tens of thousands of dollars—or more—in damages, but you didn’t start treatment for weeks, the insurance adjuster may consider that a discrepancy. How serious could your condition be, they might wonder, if it didn’t prompt you to go to the doctor right away?

By seeking care immediately—and preserving the documentation that proves as much—you’ll make it that much harder for the opposing party to challenge the severity of your injuries.

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