What to Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

senior citizen drinking tea

When you moved your elderly loved one into a nursing home, it was no doubt with the assumption that they would receive quality care from the staff. It probably never even crossed your mind, in fact, that they might be mistreated.

The sad reality, however, is that nursing home abuse is a very real problem across the country. Senior citizens who reside at long-term care facilities are neglected and abused every single day.

Thankfully, victims and their families can seek justice. If you have reason to believe your loved one is receiving substandard care—or being downright abused—take the following steps as soon as possible:

1. Record Your Suspicions

What made you suspect an issue in the first place? Whether it was unexplained injuries, dramatic weight loss, or a tip from another resident, find a way to preserve the earliest evidence of abuse.

2. Get Your Loved One to Safety

If your loved one is still in danger, make alternative arrangements for their care until you can get to the bottom of things. Whether you send them to another facility or move them back home and hire a home health aide, you should do whatever it takes to protect them from any ongoing abuse.

3. Start Compiling Evidence

Nursing logs, hospital records, and photographs of any visible wounds are just a few examples of the kinds of evidence you may need to support your case. As soon as you realize you may have grounds for a claim, save anything that might help you prove liability or losses down the road.

4. Call a Personal Injury Attorney

A seasoned attorney who’s well-versed in nursing home neglect and abuse can help your family build a strong case against the facility. They will investigate the allegations, gather compelling evidence of liability, correspond with the establishment’s administrators, and negotiate for a satisfactory settlement.

If your claim is especially complex and the opposing party ends up challenging one or more aspects, your legal team can also prepare your case for court. While most valid nursing home abuse claims are settled, a small percentage do make their way to litigation. If yours happens to be one of them, you’ll be glad you enlisted help from a strategic personal injury lawyer.

5. Stay off Social Media

Considering the fact that your loved one probably isn’t the only resident being neglected or abused, it’s only natural to want to post about the situation online. While raising awareness can certainly be admirable, you shouldn’t attempt to do so until your claim has been resolved. Otherwise, you open the door for the opposing party to twist what you write and ultimately use it against you.

Discuss Your Claim with a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Florida

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