What to Bring to Your Consultation with a Heart Attack Misdiagnosis Attorney

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Taking action against a medical facility for misdiagnosing your heart attack starts with consulting a seasoned attorney. During this meeting, the lawyer will evaluate the circumstances surrounding the incident to confirm that you do, in fact, have grounds for a claim.

To ensure the consultation is as productive as possible—and your case gets off to a strong start—make sure to bring the following items to the appointment:

1. Medical Records

To determine the merits of your potential claim, your personal injury attorney will need to review your medical records. Such documents might include hospital logs, diagnostic images, surgical records, and statements from various providers.

2. Income Logs

If the complications kept you out of work, you should be able to seek compensation for the wages you lost as a result. And if you’re unable to return to your job at all, you may also pursue funds for lost earning capacity. To help your lawyer determine just how much is at stake, bring relevant paystubs, bank statements, and income tax returns to the initial consultation.

3. Receipts & Invoices

Under Florida tort law, medical malpractice claimants are entitled to reimbursement for reasonably necessary expenditures they incur as a result of their injuries. Examples include the costs associated with housekeeping, meal preparation, childcare, transportation, and the home or vehicle modifications needed to accommodate limitations stemming from the complications. If you’ve already covered any such expenses, bring the corresponding documentation to your first meeting with a heart attack misdiagnosis attorney.

4. Correspondence with the Opposing Party

 If you’ve had any correspondence with the facility where you received inadequate care, bring it to your lawyer for review. Examples include emails, letters, and voice messages.

It’s generally advisable for personal injury claimants to avoid giving any kind of recorded statement until they’ve sought legal counsel. If you already provided a statement, though, bring along a copy of that, as well.

5. A List of Questions

Before the meeting ends, you’ll get the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the subsequent proceedings. Since you’ll inevitably be inundated with information, it’s wise to write down your questions in advance so you don’t forget any of them.

Questions worth asking during your first meeting with a heart attack misdiagnosis attorney include:

  • Have you handled cases similar to mine?
  • What do you think is the most likely outcome to my claim?
  • What is your fee structure?
  • How can I reach you if I have questions or concerns along the way?
  • How can I contribute to the strength of my claim?

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