What Kinds of Penis Injuries Can Circumcision Errors Cause?

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Although the circumcision procedure is fairly low-risk, errors still can—and do—occur. Sadly, most of these mistakes have the potential to cause serious—and sometimes even life-threatening—complications.

Whenever a surgeon makes an error while performing a circumcision, the patient is at risk of excessive bleeding, infection, necrosis, meatal stenosis, impotence, and/or permanent disfigurement. Read on to learn more about these devastating penis injuries:

1. Excessive Bleeding

Performing a circumcision demands a steady hand. Even the slightest twitch of the wrist at the wrong moment can have catastrophic consequences. If the scalpel perforates the organ and ends up damaging the urinary tract, for example, excessive bleeding is inevitable.   

2. Infection

To protect the penis from infection, the surgeon must use sterilized equipment from start to finish. The medical team must also teach the patient about proper aftercare once he returns home.

If the providers fail to do either, the patient could develop a serious infection. And if the infection is left unchecked for long enough, it could result in the loss of the organ. 

3. Necrosis

Necrosis refers to the premature death of cells in tissue that’s supposed to be living. Caused by inadequate blood flow, which can be prompted by a number of external sources, necrosis could result in the loss of the penis. Thankfully, it’s almost always preventable, as long as the medical team follows the established standard of care before, during, and after the procedure.  

4. Meatal Stenosis

Characterized by a narrowing of the meatus, or urethral opening, meatal stenosis can develop if the surgeon botches the circumcision procedure. The most common symptom is pain during sex and urination. Naturally, this can have a major impact on overall quality of life. 

5. Impotence

Because of the nature of circumcision, any mistakes during the procedure could affect the patient’s ability to get an erection. Coping with impotence is never easy, but it can be especially devastating if the patient has yet to complete his or her family. 

6. Permanent Disfigurement

While scarring may not affect the organ’s function, it can certainly cause the patient considerable emotional distress. Thankfully, tort law recognizes the fact that non-economic damages like mental anguish and pain and suffering are every bit as real as economic damages like medical bills and lost wages.

Of course, you’ll have to prove that you did, in fact, incur such damages before you can recover a payout. As such, it’s wise to start a personal injury journal as soon as possible.

Write about the ways in which the complications you suffered are affecting your everyday life. Such entries will help contextualize your medical records and ultimately serve to illustrate the extent of your non-economic damages. 

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