Types of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

While you should feel comfortable entrusting the care of your loved ones to a Florida nursing home facility, one in ten seniors will experience some form of nursing home abuse and neglect. This abuse can come from any member of the staff including doctors, nurses, physical therapists, or volunteers. Nursing home abuse and neglect can be categorized as one of four types:

  1. Basic Needs: Nursing homes are guilty of abuse and neglect when they fail to provide their patients with nutritious food, clean water, or a safe environment.
  2. Personal Hygiene: Patients who receive no assistance with their bathing, laundry, cleaning, or brushing suffer from personal hygiene neglect.
  3. Medical: Medical abuse and neglect occurs when the staff of the nursing home fails to provide patients with necessary medications or cautionary measures to prevent infections, aid with mobility issues, or assist with diabetes and heart problems.
  4. Emotional: If patients are frequently yelled at, left alone, or ignored, they are suffering from emotional or social neglect.

If your loved one is suffering from abuse and neglect, he/she may exhibit weight loss, dehydration, withdrawn behavior, injuries, and bedsores. Don’t let your loved one suffer in silence, if you suspect that an elderly parent or friend is experiencing nursing home neglect and abuse, contact an attorney at Emerson Straw today.