The Glass Is Always Half-Full at the Duncan McClellan Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida


Situated in the heart of St. Pete’s Warehouse Arts District, the Duncan McClellan Gallery is a multi-functional space that has become a hub for the area’s creative community. Featuring rotating exhibitions showcasing works from both international and local artists, this is your chance to marvel at intricately sculpted glass art in a unique, inspiring setting. During your visit you’ll likely have a chance to watch live glass-blowing demonstrations, giving you an intimate look into how these sculptures take form.

However, the Duncan McClellan Gallery is more than just a gallery. Parts of the building have been transformed into communal spaces where artists can meet to collaborate or mentor other aspiring creatives. As a member of the public, you can choose from a pick-and-mix of classes, events, and other hands-on learning opportunities to get an in-depth understanding of what it takes to turn glass into art.

The gallery has also become a popular meeting space. Surrounded by lush grounds that are shaded by fruit trees and other dense foliage, the venue is a popular destination for weddings, parties, and corporate events. The grounds can accommodate up to 150 people, and feature tropical sculpture gardens, a private patio and courtyard, a lounge with a raised stage for live performances, and a hot glass-making workshop where you’ll be treated to daily live demonstrations led by masters of the artform.

The best part? Proceeds from venue rentals go towards the gallery’s school project. This project aims to introduce people to the art of glassblowing, offering up a variety of lectures, demonstrations, master classes, and other initiatives to prolong the lifespan of this ancient artform. It’s estimated that since the project was launched in 2013, more than 10,000 people have been introduced to glassblowing through lectures and live demonstrations.

Whether you want to admire beautiful, distinct artworks, learn how to create your own, or unwind in an idyllic setting, the Duncan McClellan Gallery is the perfect Saturday caper. Just a stone’s throw from some of the city’s best restaurants—such as The Urban Stillhouse—and situated within easy access to St. Petersburg’s other sought-after landmarks, the gallery is a must-visit for locals and out-of-towners alike.

Where Do I Find It?

The Duncan McClellan Gallery is situated on 2342 Emerson Avenue South, St. Petersburg.

When Can I Visit?

The Gallery is open between 10am and 5pm.

For more information visit the Duncan McClellan Gallery’s homepage HERE.