Parents of Baby Dropped on Head After Delivery Retain Emerson Straw PL

Baby Dropped On Head After Delivery

Emerson Straw PL has been retained to represent the parents of a baby who was dropped on his head after delivery at UF Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida

On May 6, 2020 Tamera Cabrera and Lakeldric Walker were expecting to deliver their new healthy baby boy at UF Health’s Shands Hospital.  The baby came naturally as expected, but right after his delivery, the resident-obstetrician grabbed the baby with gloves on her hands, but then proceeded to drop the newborn baby boy right through her hands.  The resident-obstetrician claimed to have attempted to catch the falling baby with her booted foot before striking the hospital room floor.

It appears that the Shands resident-obstetrician (an obstetric physician-in-training) did not have a supervising or attending physician in the room directly supervising her at the time.

Tragically, the newborn baby boy landed on his head, suffering a traumatic brain injury.  Hospital brain imaging studies showed that the newborn baby suffered a serious brain hemorrhage.  The baby’s parents and family are concerned about the long-term neurological effects and severity of the baby’s brain damage.

The parents have retained Wes Straw, Esquire and the Emerson Straw PL law firm to represent the family and baby against all at-fault parties in the forthcoming malpractice case.


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