How to Handle the Aftermath of a Slip & Fall Accident

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If you slipped and fell at someone’s home or place of business, you may be able to seek compensation for the resulting damages. Property owners (and sometimes occupiers) are expected to keep their premises reasonably free of hazards, so when they fail to do so, they’re often responsible for the associated losses.

Whether you actually end up securing a payout, however, will depend on a variety of factors, starting with how you handled the aftermath. To give your slip and fall claim the best chance of success, take the following steps as soon as possible:

1. Preserve Evidence from the Accident

Were you able to photograph the hazard in question that caused you to slip and fall? If so, store the images in at least two secure locations.

The same goes for statements from eyewitnesses, any incident reports prepared by the manager on duty, and surveillance footage from cameras overlooking the area where the accident occurred. Evidence from the scene will help your legal team prove liability when the time comes.

2. Refrain from Giving a Statement

If the property owner’s insurer reaches out and asks what happened, it’s best to avoid saying anything on record. You can’t be sure of the facts of the case until your attorney has completed their investigation, and if your commentary turns out to be untrue, it will give the opposing party cause to challenge your credibility.

3. Visit a Doctor

If the injuries you sustained do not appear to be life-threatening, you may not be inclined to prioritize your health. It’s in your best interests, however, to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Some impact injuries do not manifest symptoms right away, so even if you feel fine, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are.

What’s more, postponing treatment will open the door for a causation dispute because your medical records will be dated so much later than the incident. And if there is no paper trail linking the accident to your injuries, the insurance adjuster may question whether the slip and fall was even related to the damages you’re claiming.

4. Lay Low on Social Media

Posting about the accident or your injuries online could also open the door for a dispute. If the insurance adjuster believes the content is not consistent with certain aspects of your claim, it’s only going to complicate the situation, making it harder for you to secure the compensation you deserve.

If you can’t disable your accounts temporarily, at least make sure to avoid publishing anything that could end up hurting your case.

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