How Do You Prove Liability for a Large Truck Crash?

Large Truck Crash Liability

If you were seriously hurt in a large truck crash, you’re probably wondering whether your life will ever return to normal. Unfortunately, depending on the nature of your injuries, things may never quite go back to how they were before the accident. You might have grounds for a claim, however, which could at least yield the funds needed to help you thrive in your “new normal.”

Of course, before you can secure a payout, you’re going to have to convince the claims adjuster of liability. While the most compelling evidence will come down to the facts of the case, there are a few pieces of proof that almost always help truck accident victims prove liability. These include:

1. Black Box Data

Commercial vehicles—and nowadays most passenger vehicles—are equipped with an event data recorder. This device logs more than a dozen operational variables, from brake application to speed. Consequently, accident reconstructionists can often use its data to determine what happened in the moments leading up to a crash, so blame can be assigned.

2. Driver’s Logs

The truck’s driving logs could reveal an hours of service violation. This, in turn, could help you make the case that the accident occurred because the trucker was drowsy.

Keep in mind, however, that these logs won’t be available indefinitely. Carriers are only obligated to preserve their records for six months, so your legal team will want to reach out as soon as possible.

3. Eyewitness Testimony

While eyewitness testimony is never considered irrefutable evidence in personal injury claims, statements from those who saw what happened could at least corroborate your own story regarding the crash. If you were able to get the contact information of other motorists or pedestrians who were in the vicinity at the time, give it to your attorney.

4. The Official Police Report

Officers who responded to the scene should have recorded their impressions of all those who were involved. That means if they had reason to believe the trucker who hit you was drunk, drowsy, or distracted, the police report should state as much. Consequently, this document could prove integral to your claim.

5. Photographs of the Wreckage

After reviewing black box data, accident reconstructionists can evaluate photos of the wreckage to confirm their findings. The precise location of all the vehicles will let them know whether their interpretation is the most likely version of events that led to the crash.

If you were able to shoot the scene before leaving, give the images to your legal team, so they can forward them to the experts.

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