Evidence to Strengthen Your Heart Attack Misdiagnosis Claim

Heart Attack Misdiagnosis Evidence

Because heart disease is so prevalent, it’s reasonable to assume medical providers are well aware of its warning signs. It’s the leading cause of death among men and women, after all, accounting for 1 out of 5 deaths in this country.

Unfortunately, despite the number of lives it claims, heart disease often goes unchecked. As a result, a lot of heart attacks are misdiagnosed, causing a host of complications for the affected patients.

If you suffered harm because your doctor missed your heart attack, you may be thinking about taking legal action. You might have a strong case, but for your personal injury claim to yield an actual payout, you’re going to have to present compelling evidence of both liability and damages. Read on to learn what this might include:

1. Medical Records

Misdiagnosing a heart attack is a form of medical malpractice. As such, you should be prepared to present all kinds of documentation associated with the care you received. Examples include hospital intake forms, nursing logs, diagnostic test results, and ongoing evaluations.

When it comes time to demonstrate damages, you’re also going to have to present health insurance statements and any bills you receive from the facilities that treated you.

2. Testimony from Relevant Experts

Testimony from various cardiac specialists will probably serve as some of the most compelling evidence of liability in your heart attack misdiagnosis claim. If you’re unsure how to compile such testimony, don’t worry; a resourceful personal injury firm should have access to a vast network of experts whom they can call upon when building your case.

As long as these experts explain how your doctor deviated from the most widely accepted standard of care given the symptoms you were presenting, their statements should bolster your claim.

3. Statements from Eyewitnesses

When you sought care for the symptoms you were experiencing, you undoubtedly saw more than just the doctor who made the misdiagnosis. A nurse probably took your vitals, for example, while a nursing assistant might have monitored your condition after you were admitted.

When putting together your case, your legal team is going to want to interview everyone who saw you in distress. Their statements should corroborate your own version of events. Such testimony may also support the assessments from experts regarding where your medical team failed you.

4. Receipts and Invoices

Documentation of all the expenses you wouldn’t have incurred had you not been misdiagnosed will serve as the foundation of your damages claim. In addition to the medical bills mentioned above, this might include invoices for reasonably necessary replacement services and paystubs logging any work you were forced to miss because of the complications you suffered.

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