Common Causes of Wrongful Death

most common causes of wrongful death

Losing a loved one is extremely hard, and that grief is only aggravated further when the person died due to the careless, negligent, or reckless behavior of another person. Under personal injury law, a case like this is known as wrongful death. Family members of the deceased including spouses, parents, and children can file a wrongful death lawsuit, to seek out compensation for the loss of their loved one. To reach a successful outcome in a wrongful death case, it is important to work with an experienced Tampa Bay personal injury attorney.

At Emerson Straw, our firm has years of experience representing clients with wrongful death claims, who have lost loved ones from a variety of causes including:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: Whether it’s a truck, motorcycle, or car, auto accidents caused by distracted, aggressive, or drunk driving can lead to serious injuries and death. These types of accidents are the leading type of wrongful death lawsuit in the U.S.
  • Medical Malpractice: When medical professionals like doctors, nurses, other members of healthcare staff fail to provide the level of care required by a patient, a medical malpractice claim may exist. In these instances, patients can die from catastrophic injuries related to surgical errors, misdiagnosis, medical equipment malfunctions, and even prescription errors.
  • Criminal Acts: When a person dies from a criminal act such as intentional murder, armed robbery, or injuries related to assault, the surviving family members have the right to sue the person responsible for wrongful death.
  • Workplace Accidents: If an employee dies in the workplace, as the result of company negligence, his/her family has the basis to file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover damages on his/her behalf. Examples include illness related to unsafe working conditions, equipment failures, and fires.

While monetary compensation cannot make up for losing a loved one, it can provide much-needed comfort and support during the grieving process. If you have lost a loved one and believe it was wrongful death, contact us at Emerson Straw to schedule a free consultation with a member of our legal team.