Boost Your Mood in a Natural Setting at Kiwanis Park in St. Petersburg, Florida

Natural Setting Kiwanis Park

Searching for an outdoor space with plenty of room for activities? Kiwanis Park is a centrally located green retreat that serves up everything you could need from a freely accessible recreational space. Featuring lush, manicured lawns and large trees that provide ample shade even during the brightest hours of the day, the park is the perfect place to bring your kids and laze on the lawns.

Pull into one of the park’s two parking areas where you’ll find a series of shelters equipped with enough seating to accommodate larger parties. On the west side of the park, there is a full-sized athletic court where you can put in steps, burn calories, and work up an appetite. On the northern side of the park, there’s a playground that will keep your kids entertained for hours giving you the freedom to soak up the sunshine (and the scenery).

The park opens 30 minutes after sunrise and closes 30 minutes before sunset, so keep an eye on your weather app to make sure you’re not locked out.

Why You Should Spend More Time Outdoors

Rugged adventurers, avid runners, and outdoorsmen have long espoused the many benefits of spending more time outdoors. Fortunately, you don’t have to go far in St. Petersburg to tap into the perks of more time in natural surroundings. A quick trip to parks such as Kiwanis can net you an immediate mood boost, help ramp up your immune system, and get you fighting fit in no time.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of spending minutes out in nature:

  • Improves Your Mental Health: Many studies have found that just a few minutes in nature can help relieve stress and reduce the effects of depression. A group of researchers discovered that those who spend time in the forest had lower heart rates and stress hormone levels than those who spent most of their time stuck in the city.
  • Upgrades Your Memory: If you’re forgetful, improving your short-term memory could, literally, be a walk in the park. One study found that participants who spent time exploring an arboretum performed 20% better than those who spent the same amount of time traipsing around the city.
  • Boosts Your Concentration: Whether it’s notifications on your phone, your neighbor’s sound system, or the constant drone of traffic outside, modern life isn’t short on distractions. Unsurprisingly, many people struggle to concentrate on their work, chores, or other tasks throughout the day. Fortunately, there is a “cure”. A study found that children with ADHD were able to concentrate better after spending just 20 minutes in a park. Struggling to focus? Head to Kiwanis.

Where Can I Find Kiwanis Park?

3708-3902 18th St N, St. Petersburg.

For more information about the park and other recreational areas in the city click HERE.