A Tranquil Resting Place at the Royal Palm South Cemetery in St. Petersburg, Florida

the Royal Palm South Cemetery in St. Petersburg

Laying a loved one to rest in a beautiful cemetery is a heartfelt way to honor their memory. This act will also ensure that you will also have a tranquil place to go when you want to connect with the relative you lost. Fortunately, St. Petersburg isn’t short on lush, well-maintained burial grounds, and the Royal Palm South Cemetery is a shining example of the city’s diverse offerings.

Situated along 55th Street South, this centrally located cemetery is just a stone’s throw from most of the city’s major landmarks. Featuring scenic grounds shaded by a mixture of palm trees and other flourishing plant life, the gravesite has been a final resting place for city dwellers since the 1800s.

Bordering on the cemetery, you’ll find the Pinellas Trail, a protected greenspace that stretches from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs. The trail was created by converting a portion of abandoned railroad, providing joggers, walkers, cyclists, and even skaters with a safe corridor to snake through the city.

The trail opens at 7am and closes around sunset. If you plan on visiting the trail, make sure to maintain safe speeds if you’re in the saddle, skateboarding, or on skates. And there’s good news for dog owners as pups are permitted—provided you keep them on a short leash.

Highlights of the trail include pitstops in Dunedin’s downtown where you’ll find local merchants selling their wares to those taking a breather. (Make sure to grab a cone at Strachan’s, a popular ice cream parlor on 310 Main Street, just a block away from the trail.)

The trail will also take you into Honeymoon Island State Park, a barrier island that straddles St. Joseph’s Sound from Ozona, Palm Harbor, and Crystal Beach. The Pinellas Trail also forms the westernmost segment of the Florida Coast to Coast Trail, a route that spans across more than 200 miles of the state.

Other notable landmarks near the Royal Palm South Cemetery include the Woodlawn Memory Gardens and Bear Creek Park. If you’re looking for a scenic starting point for a weekend in the city, the Royal Palm South Cemetery is a conveniently located retreat that will let you connect with nature without having to trek out into the countryside.

Where Do I Find It?

The Royal Palm South Cemetery is located at 101 55th Street South, St. Petersburg.

Where Can I Find More Information?

For more details about the gravesite click HERE.