5 Pieces of Evidence That May Strengthen Your Truck Accident Claim

Truck Accident Claim

It can be hard to think of the next steps after you’ve been hurt in a truck accident. Many large truck crashes result in major injuries, not to mention extensive vehicular damage.

Thankfully, victims are usually entitled to compensation for their associated losses. Since corporate defense attorneys aim to protect motor carriers from potential consequences of their negligence, however, it’s wise to call an experienced personal injury attorney right away.

Having a competent legal team by your side, along with the following five pieces of evidence, may help you build a strong case, which is the first step to securing the funds you deserve:

1. Electronic Control Module Data

Many trucks are equipped with an electronic control module (ECM), which records trip data, similar to the flight data recorders found on airplanes. The data from the ECM can be incredibly valuable because it may show the trucker was driving too fast for the road conditions at the time of accident. It could also show they failed to apply the brakes when they should have. And if driver error wasn’t to blame, the ECM might point you in the direction of any malfunctions that contributed to the wreck.

2. Electronic Logbooks

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has regulations regarding the maximum amount of time truckers are allowed to be on duty. Electronic logbooks automatically track drive time and breaks and can therefore show if the trucker broke these mandates. This, in turn, could be considered evidence that they were drowsy when the accident occurred.

3. Truck Camera Footage

Some truck driver bays contain cameras, which can provide insight into the trucker’s actions at the time of the accident. When it comes to proving negligence, video evidence can be key if the driver appears drowsy or impaired in the footage.

Such footage can also implicate the motor carrier that employed the driver under a legal principal called “respondeat superior.” This doctrine holds an employer vicariously liable for their employees’ negligence.

4. Service Logs

Trucking companies are responsible for servicing their vehicles regularly to keep them in good working order. If this duty is not met, a malfunction on the road may occur and ultimately cause an accident. The motor carrier’s service logs will let you know whether the fleet was adequately serviced or if the company failed in some respect.

5. Witness Statements

Witness statements can help strengthen a truck accident claim by providing supporting evidence. If two or more witnesses say the same thing about the driver or truck and it corroborates your own telling of events, such testimony will bolster your claim.

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