3 FAQs About Building a Paralysis Injury Claim

Paralysis Injury Claim

If you sustained a paralysis injury in some kind of preventable accident, you’re probably wondering how to go about filing a claim. Your life has been altered forever, after all, and you likely deserve compensation to make up for it and put the pieces back together.

For detailed answers regarding your unique situation, you can consult a personal injury attorney. After evaluating the circumstances, a seasoned professional will let you know whether filing a claim could be worthwhile and, if so, how to go about getting started.

In the meantime, you may have some more general questions on the subject, which are what this blog aims to answer. Read on to learn more about building a paralysis injury claim in Florida:

1. Can I File a Claim If I Was Partially to Blame for the Accident in Which I Got Hurt?

If you played a role in the accident that led to your injuries, your claim will still be considered, but there will be a caveat. Since Florida has a pure comparative fault rule, the total available compensation you can recover will be reduced by your own share of liability. That means if you’re deemed 20 percent responsible and you end up incurring $1 million in recoverable losses, you can only seek $800,000 from the opposing party.

2. How Long Do I Have to Take Action?

It’s wise to get your claim underway as soon as your health stabilizes because if settling proves impossible, you’re going to have only a short window of time to take the liable party to court. For personal injury actions founded on negligence, Florida’s filing deadline is typically four years. There are several exceptions to this statute of limitations, however, so it’s wise to consult a local attorney who’s familiar with the laws that might impact your case.

3. What Should I Bring to My First Meeting with a Paralysis Injury Attorney?

If you’re planning on enlisting legal help, you can ensure your case gets off to a strong start by preparing for your initial consultation. Make sure to bring along:

  • Relevant medical records,
  • Evidence you have from the scene of the accident,
  • A detailed account in your own words that states what happened,
  • A list of questions you have for the firm,
  • Any correspondence you’ve had with the opposing party,
  • Any official reports you have regarding the accident,
  • Any documentation of damages you’ve already incurred.

Speak with a Florida Paralysis Injury Attorney

If your life will never be the same because another party was reckless or negligent, you deserve justice, and Emerson Straw can help you seek it. Our tenacious team has won numerous six- and seven-figure payouts for those who were wronged by others.

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