Few injuries can be as devastating as an injury to the eye. Even a partial and temporary loss of vision can be a detriment to nearly all aspects of life. If you or someone you love has suffered such an injury due to the negligence of an ophthalmologist or optometrist, contact one of our ophthalmologist malpractice lawyers in St Petersburg for a free case review.

If the doctor failed to adhere to the most widely accepted standards of care and this negligence led to the injury, we can help you seek compensation. Due to the importance of eyesight, medical malpractice cases that involve eye injuries can result in substantial settlements and verdicts. However, you can expect the defense to do everything in their power to minimize or deny your claim.

Our ophthalmologist malpractice attorneys can help you compile evidence and consult with medical and financial experts to develop a strong claim. We can handle all aspects of your case, from correspondence with the insurance company to settlement negotiations and going to trial if needed.

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Free Consultation with an Ophthalmologist Malpractice Lawyer 

After an eye injury, you may be faced with tremendous medical, financial, and legal hurdles. Having an experienced ophthalmologist malpractice attorney on your side can lighten the burden on you and your family. The sooner our legal team can get involved, the sooner we can start protecting your interests and helping you navigate the legal system.

Over time, certain evidence may become altered or unavailable. Our legal team will get to work right away to compile the evidence needed to prove liability, causation, and damages.

Here are a few useful items to take with you to your free initial consultation: 

  • Your Written Account of the Incident: As soon as possible, you should write down your account of the incident and all the details that you can remember. Useful points to note down are your history of meetings with the doctor and facility, the procedure you underwent, anything the doctor told you before and after the procedure, what you’ve done since the injury, the expenses you’ve incurred due to the eye injury, and how this has affected your life. Bring this account to your initial consultation to help your St Petersburg ophthalmologist malpractice lawyer understand the circumstances surrounding the accident.
  • Your Medical Records: Bring any documents you have from the doctor and facility that caused the injury, as well as any treatments you’ve undergone since the incident. These records will play an essential role in the development of your claim.
  • Proof of Lost Income: If you are unable to return to work during your recovery due to the eye injury, you will need to provide evidence of your income before the incident and the wages you have subsequently lost. Keep all paystubs, letters from your employer, and bank statements to prove your loss of income. Share this evidence with your attorney.

Eye Injuries Resulting from Lasik and Other Procedures 

Just about any eye procedure can result in an injury if it is performed negligently. Lasik, which has become very popular over recent years, is considered a very safe treatment—but patients can still suffer devastating eye injuries if their healthcare provider is negligent.

If you or someone you love was injured during Lasik or another eye procedure, our legal team can investigate what went wrong to determine if you have grounds for a claim. We can then compile the available evidence to prove liability and causation. 

Ophthalmologist and Optometrist Malpractice Attorneys 

For millions of Americans, both ophthalmologists and optometrists play an essential role in eye health. These doctors undergo many years of education and ongoing training to ensure they are masters at their craft. Unfortunately, even the best healthcare providers make mistakes.

To prove malpractice, our ophthalmologist malpractice lawyers in St Petersburg will have to demonstrate how the doctor deviated from the most widely accepted standards of care. Essential evidence may include your medical records, witness accounts of the event, and medical expert deposition. 

Do I Have Grounds for an Ophthalmologist Malpractice Lawsuit? 

We’ve already touched on one important element of proving medical malpractice, and that is negligence. You must demonstrate that the medical provider or facility was negligent, and that this negligence caused your eye injury. This is called proving “causation,” another essential element of a personal injury claim.

Once you have proven negligence and causation, you must demonstrate the existence and value of your damages. These are the losses incurred as a result of the negligence. Such damages may include medical bills, lost income, loss of life enjoyment, pain and suffering, home and vehicle modifications, home care, and more. 

Speak with a St Petersburg Ophthalmologist Malpractice Lawyer

Our ophthalmologist malpractice attorneys are ready to review your case and help you plot the way forward. To set up a free consultation, send us a message or call 727-821-1500.

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