Urology Medical Malpractice Case


Tampa Bay, FL

This client was referred to a urologist-doctor after he suffered multiple penis infections that also affected his partner. The doctor recommended that this adult male client undergo a circumcision surgery to remove excess penis foreskin as treatment to eliminate or reduce his propensity for penis infections.

After the surgery the client’s penis felt as if it was too tight and restricted. The client believed that it never felt the same to him. Unfortunately, for this client it appeared to him and subsequent doctors that the doctor must have made a surgical mistake and removed too much foreskin from his penis. The only option for this client was to have additional surgery to attempt to restore function of his penis.

Ultimately, multiple surgeries were required, and the client incurred additional, unexpected medical expenses, missed work, and experienced pain, suffering and disfigurement as the result of the problems from the initial circumcision surgery. Not unimportantly, the nature of this injury was emotionally devastating to the client.

The client retained Emerson Straw PL to investigate the case and determine whether he received adequate medical care. When the Emerson Straw PL team determined that the client did not receive standard medical care, a successful claim was pursued on the client’s behalf and recovery obtained for him. For all potential medical malpractice claims, contact Emerson Straw PL immediately.