Large Truck Accident with Distracted Driver


This client was driving his personal vehicle on a major interstate roadway when he was rear ended by a large commercial truck.  The rear impact forces knocked the client’s sedan into the vehicle in front of him, then off the roadway into a ditch and finally head-on into a tree.  The truck driver was cited by police for following the client too closely from behind and not leaving his vehicle with enough space to stop – in the event that traffic suddenly backed up and stopped in front of the truck.  Traffic investigators assumed that following too closely was the sole cause of this devastating crash.

However, Emerson Straw PL obtained the black box data from inside the wrecked commercial truck, which showed that the 30,000-pound truck plowed into the rear of the sedan at approximately 30 miles per hour, barely braking at all before impact. The black box data showed that the truck driver did not hit his brakes until way too late – proving that the truck driver had to be distracted and not paying proper attention at the time traffic slowed to a stop.

The client suffered headache, knee pain, neck pain and back pain after the crash and went to the local hospital.  Subsequent medical work-up for his injuries showed that the client had a minor head injury and some non-surgical spine injuries that progressed very well after the client obtained the appropriate treatment for his injuries.