Radiology Medical Malpractice Involving Head Injury


North Florida

This client suffered a serious fall, hit his head and went to the local emergency room. The emergency room doctor ordered a Head Cat Scan (CT) was which was read by an independent radiologist as essentially normal. On the basis of what reported to be a basically normal CT Scan of the client’s head per the radiologist, the client was sent home from the hospital without any further testing, investigation or treatment.

Over the course of the subsequent weeks, the patient began to experience worsening head and scalp symptoms. Ultimately the client sought assistance from other physicians.

A neurologic doctor looked at the original Head CT from the emergency room and found the client’s problem – an infection of a previously inserted surgical plate. Sadly, too much time had passed since the CT Scan in the ER, and the client’s infection could not be treated with antibiotics, so he underwent additional surgeries to treat the infection.

The client retained Emerson Straw PL to investigate his case and determine whether he received adequate medical care. When the Emerson Straw PL team determined that the client did not receive standard medical care, a successful claim was pursued on the client’s behalf and recovery obtained for him. For all potential medical malpractice claims contact Emerson Straw PL immediately.