Physician Negligence Leads to Patient Heart Attack


Tampa Bay Area, FL

This action involved allegations of medical malpractice by a single woman in her sixties (Plaintiff-victim) against a cardiologist, medical group and hospital where she underwent a questionable heart procedure in the hospital’s cath lab. The heart catheterization (“cath”) procedure and stent insertion caused the Plaintiff-victim to suffer a serious complication called a “dissection” or tear to one of her heart’s main arteries.  The physician caused tear to the coronary artery, or the heart’s key blood vessel from the stenting, induced a heart attack to the patient.

The doctor trying to insert the stents into the Plaintiff-victim’s heart either didn’t realize he dissected or tore the blood vessel, or didn’t appreciate the significance because the doctor completed the procedure as if nothing went had went wrong during the procedure.

Shortly after the procedure was over the Plaintiff-victim had severe chest pain and told hospital nurses who gave her pain medication. This next morning she was sent home by a doctor who told that her post-procedure chest pain was normal.  Hours later she was back in the hospital’s emergency room due to her chest pain where she was told that she suffered a heart attack.  Before her stent procedure she had never had a heart attack, instead her stent procedure gave her the heart attack it was trying to avoid. After the procedure caused heart attack the Plaintiff-Victim was diagnosed with heart failure.

A thorough death and medical malpractice investigation revealed that the only plausible explanation for the Plaintiff-victim’s dissection and subsequent heart-attack was physician and/or facility negligence, i.e. malpractice, by allowing a patient to needlessly undergo a questionable procedure that resulted in a preventable injury to the heart.  The physician induced heart attack was not timely and properly diagnosed leading to the Plaintiff-Victim’s premature discharge from the hospital while having a heart attack.

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