Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death Large Confidential Settlement

Attorney(s) for Plaintiff:
Emerson Straw PL


Tampa Bay Area, FL

This action involved allegations of medical malpractice by the spouse of a man in his fifties (Plaintiff-victim), a husband and father, against a cardiologist, medical group and healthcare facility where a man underwent a questionable heart procedure in the cath lab. The procedure caused the Plaintiff-victim to suffer respiratory distress and he sadly died hours later. He left behind a grieving spouse and adult children.

The Plaintiff-victim’s spouse believed that the doctor negligently punctured the Plaintiff’s heart during the procedure causing uncontrollable bleeding into the heart’s sac – ultimately causing it to stop. The defendants denied wrongdoing.

The Plaintiff-victim had suffered from heart disease and was following periodically with a cardiology group. Even though the man’s condition had not significantly changed, after an office visit, a doctor called him and told him that he needed a procedure to remove fluid from his heart.

Approximately thirty minutes after the procedure in the cath lab, the man suffered respiratory distress and was transferred to the ICU. Unfortunately, another procedure attempting to remove blood from the man’s heart was unsuccessful and the man could not be saved.

The defendants desperately claimed the man’s overall health condition had more to do with his death than an incident during the procedure that caused injury to the heart leading to uncontrolled bleeding. A prior law firm declined the case reportedly because it could not figure out what happened to cause the Plaintiff-victim’s death.

A thorough death and malpractice investigation revealed that the only plausible explanation for the Plaintiff-victim’s death was physician and facility negligence by allowing a patient to needlessly undergo a risky procedure that resulted in a preventable injury to the heart.

Victims of medical malpractice must retain skilled litigation and trial counsel to zealously pursue their losses and damages. When a Plaintiff-victim’s life is shortened by medical malpractice, the case proceeds recovered by Emerson Straw for these victims can provide opportunities for victims to pursue costly and otherwise unavailable medical treatment – or to spend more time with family that they may not otherwise have without case recovered resources. Contact Emerson Straw PL if you have any questions at